Avant Mulcher CR1400 for Vegetation Control on Avant Mini Loader


The Avant Mulcher CR1400 attachment is a heavy duty soil conditioner and vegetation remover. It clears vegetation and undergrowth and can crush small roots and tree stumps. This makes the mulcher a useful tool for clearing the soil and preparing it for seeding and planting.

The rotor is equipped with replaceable carbide cutting teeth. Support skids are standard on this attachment. They are pivoted which means they follow the contours of the cultivated surface, allowing an easy and accurate working depth adjustment. The mulcher can also be used for removal of ice and hard packed snow on pavements and parking lots.

With over 200 hundred attachments available you only need one loader for all your jobs, the Avant mini loader. Avant loaders and attachments are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno.


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    Ideal attachment for vegetation control
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    Heavy duty soil conditioner - can crush smaller roots, tree stumps and branches
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    Rotor with replaceable carbide cutting teeth
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    Hardox steel frame
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    Bolt mounted counter blades
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    Support skids as standard
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    Able to turn the direction of the rotor
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    Use with Avant 700 and 800 series compact loaders

Techinical Information

Total width 1750 mm
Rotor width 1350 mm
Rotor diameter 400 mm
Working depth 0 – 200 mm
Weight 540 kg
Height 670 mm
Product no A436164


Compatible Models

225 423 523 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6
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