Hand Drive Control As An Option To The 200 Series

November 21, 2018

Hand Drive Control As An Option To The 200 Series

Avant 200 series now offers a hand drive option for controlling the forward-reverse drive directly from the joystick. Because the drive can be controlled with a thumb on the joystick, the driver can drive and control the movements of the boom at the same time. This also makes it possible for paraplegic people to make full use of the machine.

The driver can choose between drive pedals and hand drive with the flip of a switch on the dashboard.

The idea for the hand drive control based on feedback from our customers. We then designed and produced the first customised 200 series with hand drive switch. However, based on further feedback and development, Avant felt there was still room for improvement. Avant wanted the loader to have easy functionality for operators who don’t have full functionality in their legs. As a result, Avant introduced the hand drive which ensures the loaders are easy to use with hands and feet.

The following pictures show Bert Pein from Germany, testing the Avant 200 series with the new control. Mr Pein has been very pleased with the machine which has made it possible for him to work on his farm as easily and comfortably as possible.

The e-series is designed and manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland. For more information call 1800 686 411 or contact us.