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KEEP THE BALL ROLLING & THE ATHLETES SAFE Artificial Turf & Sports Facility Management

It is incorrect to assume that artificial turf sports fields do not require any maintenance.  While an artificial turf sports field requires significantly less work than a natural grass field, they still need to be maintained.  A synthetic turf field that is not maintained can cause significant injuries to the athletes playing on them, including an increased risk of concussion.  Also, an unmaintained artificial turf field can affect the playability of a field, changing the way the ball bounces and rolls.

Avant keeps your artificial turf clean and safe with synthetic turf maintenance attachments.  The deep cleaning action of the Artificial Turf Attachment collects dust particles and other debris hiding beneath the synthetic turf fibers and rejuvenates the playing surface, making it safer for athletes of all ages.

For daily and weekly maintenance of synthetic turf and grass the Avant Artificial Turf Maintenance Brush is ideal. This synthetic turf brush attachment is designed to straighten up the fibre and brush the the infill material into the synthetic turf.

The Avant loader can do more than just clean your synthetic turf and grass. With over 200 hundred attachments available you only need one loader for all your jobs, the Avant loader. Avant loader attachments that are ideal for sports facility management include buckets, lawn and flail mowers, hedge trimmers, collecting brooms and lawn aerators to name a few.

  • Average fuel consumption less than a 3.8 litres per hour
  • Easy and inexpensive to service
  • Low emissions
  • Work in changing weather conditions
  • 3 cab types to suit all uses
  • Available with AC and air suspension seat
  • Work safely and efficiently
  • See what you are doing at all times
  • Easier to work in challenging spots such as parking lots
  • Easy-to-grasp driving and operating technique
  • Compact, agile & easy to control
  • Turning radius less than 2.6 m
  • Changing attachments is quick and easy
  • Drive speed of up to 30 km/h
  • Incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • More than 200 attachments for a range of applications
  • Use attachments with an for easy access through narrow gates