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Landscape Construction – Millar Excavation and Labour Hire

The versatility of the Avant mini loader allows this Tasmanian landscaper to diversify into other work.

“I couldn’t do without my Avant loader. It is a fantastic machine that surprises me every day with the work I can complete with it. I often get people watch it in amazement at how great they work” expresses Luke

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Avant 423 Articulated Mini Loader Millar Excavation Tasmanian Landscaper

Landscape Construction – Ghostwood Landscapes

The Avant loader changed the way things are done at at Ghostwood Landscapes, a landscape construction business.

“We can’t imagine ever going back to the way we did things before! The Avant loader is so easy to use that our new apprentice was on it in his first week on the job. We can do things so much faster than before; we don’t need to worry about being stuck with excess or heavy materials because we know we can easily move them, and we are no longer having to worry about whether the hire company has the machine we need available on the days we need it!”

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Avant 423 Compact Mini Loader for landscaping

Wholesale Plant Nursery – T&M Nurseries

Using the Avant mini loader for over 33,000 hours and for up to 6 hours a day has proven to be easy and efficient for T&M Nurseries a wholesale plant nursery in New Zealand.

Tony Bult from T&M Nurseries has bought two Avant mini loaders from Glenbrook Machinery, in New Zealand, over the years.

Watch Tony Bult video testimonial here.

Avant mini Loader Testimonial Tony Bult from T&M Nurseries for Glenbrook Machinery

Wholesale Nursery – Hervey Bay Nurseries

It was the knowledge that Avant loaders are manufactured to the highest standards in Finland, come fitted with a quality Kubota engine and have been represented by Avant Equipment in Australia for over 25 years, that gave Hervey Bay Nurseries the confidence to purchase an Avant loader

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Avant mini loader wholesale plant nursery

Property Owner – Mr. Fabreschi

Mr Fabreschi was looking for a way to maximise efficiencies on his Property. After doing his research online, he found Avant Loaders and invested in the 745. Watch the video here.

Avant compact articulated loader customer testimonial

Arborist – Qwik Cut

Australian Arborist, Qwik Cut, were experiencing safety concerns as well as a lack of efficiency within their business. No machine meant all work was manual, impacting work, health and safety as well as increased job timelines.

Qwik Cut is responsible for removing the weeds from along the rail corridor. These are prickly and cause large welts and lumps to form on the skin. Read the full case study or download the pdf.

Qwik Cut 423 W/ HD Log Grab

BeeKeeping – Australian Honey Group

Leading Australian Honey supplier, Australian Honey Group, were experiencing a lack of versatility as well as efficiency with their machinery. This also decreased efficiency and forced restrictions on their business. The absence of a sealed cab meant they needed to wear bee proof clothing, reducing visibility and impacting comfortability.

We didn’t have something that would meet all of our needs. Loading and unloading the truck could be particularly unpleasant in darkness. Especially with stings and in transport”, explains Rick Joyce, Australian Honey Group Managing Director. Read the full case study here or download the PDF.

Avant BeePro articulated mini loader for beekeeping

Beekeeping – Rasmussen Apiaries

Leading Australian Honey supplier, Rasmussen Apiary, were experiencing difficulty in moving hives effectively as well as cleaning apiary sites of long grass and shrub. This also created excessive hard manual labour and strain on its employees.

We didn’t have a machine that could lift more than 2 beehives or 5 boxes of honey at a time. With no mechanical aid to help us clean apiary sites in forest areas we were placing a lot of effort into non-billable areas of the business”, explains Lachlan Rasmussen, Owner of Rasmussen Apiary. Read the full case study here or alternatively download the full PDF.

Rasmussen Avant BeePro Articulated Loader for Beekeepers

Wholesale Nursery – Speciality Trees

Australian nursery, Speciality Trees, were experiencing difficulty surrounding manoeuvrability and manual handling throughout their business due to the large weights of products. This reduced work productivity as well as efficiency, especially when moving large weights and loading and unloading trucks.

Read the full case study here or download the full PDF.

Avant mini loader for wholesale plant nursery