Avant Mini Loader History | Avant Equipment

The development of Avant mini loaders began nearly 30 years ago in Finland. The core group of Avant Tecno employees had over ten years’ experience in developing different kinds of agricultural machinery before the Avant mini loader idea was developed. They noticed that for the toughest jobs in and around farms, there were no suitable or cost-effective machines available.

This was when the idea was developed and the first Avant mini loader was born: it was a skid steer loader, equipped with a 11 hp gasoline engine, that was able to distribute feed to 50-80 cows in 10-15 minutes, twice a day, 365 days a year. A task, which was previously done manually with a wheelbarrow and shovel.

The advertising slogan “Change your most unpleasant task to most enjoyable!” spoke to the farmers and Avant Tecno started to sell machines. In the first year, they sold 80 machines, which was a huge achievement at that time. Keeping in mind that this was the first mini loader of its kind.

Avant Loaders History

Avant Tecno wanted to improve and sell more machines, so they focused and invested more in product development. As time went on the Avant collection was complemented with diesel-motor styles, more attachments were developed, and Avant Tecno started to develop mini loaders for different industries. At the same time, export to Germany was going strong and an Avant Tecno sales office was established there in the early ’90s.

The first articulated Avant  mini loader was launched in 1995. This new style of Avant mini loader unlocked a whole new world for Avant Tecno. The new model quickly found its way into new industries, such as landscaping, groundskeeping, horse stables, and private use. By then, Avant Tecno was exporting to ten countries and the Avant mini loader started to sell to an even wider customer base. Due to this, sales increased to 80 loaders per month.

As sales increased, Avant Tecno kept focus and developed production continuously and strongly. A factory which is effective and produces good quality is a very valuable part of the Avant supply chain. Avant Tecno has a modern production plant that they are proud to show to any customer coming from anywhere in the world.

Avant Loaders History

During 2000 Avant Tecno continued investing strongly in product development and launched the 200 series loader. The 200 series mini loader was specifically developed for private use on acreage and small holdings. At the same time, Avant Tecno began to pay more attention to the appearance and design of the machines. They quickly realised that even though the technical characteristics of the machines were important to the customer, the appearance of the machine was also important. Avant Tecno have taken this into consideration and kept a consistent look and colour to the Avant mini loaders – they can be easily recognised by their bright green colour.

Today Avant Tecno produces eight models of articulated mini loaders and have over 200 attachments. The basic mini loader is available with more than 20 different options – starting from additional weights and leading to air-conditioned cabins. Engine power ratings range from 13 hp to 57 hp. Currently Avant Tecno exports to more than 50 countries and sells to an even wider range of industries. This comes from the continuous development of the whole Avant-business and the investment in product development and innovation.

Avant Tecno now produces up to 120 mini loaders per week.