Avant 500 Series Mini Loaders | Compact Powerful Articulated Loader

500 Series Unbeatable power - price ratio

500 Series Excellent loader with robust and simple hydraulics

The Avant 500 series mini loader is in the middle of Avant loader range in terms of size and performance.  The Avant 500 series mini loader provides landscapers, arborists, beekeepers, builders and groundskeepers a solution to minimise workload and complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Not only do the Avant loaders lift and handle heavy loads, they deliver precise maneuverability thanks to the articulation joint that enables the rear tires of the loader to match the path of the front tires as they turn. This results in a machine that can navigate around obstacles with ease and works well in hard to access and small work sites.

They are well suited for a wide range of industries thanks to their power and straight forward hydraulics, which is needed for many jobs in many industries.

The compact dimensions and excellent maneuverability allows this mini loader to be used in a wide range of environments. It can lift amazingly heavy loads relative to the size of the machine.

Avant loaders can be personalised according to customer needs, including all cab options (L, LX, DLX). The comprehensive Avant attachment range guarantees efficiency on site all year round.

Technical Specifications
  • Lift capacity 800-950 kg
  • Lift height 2.8 m
  • Engine power 22-26 hp
  • Drive speed 12-19 km/h
  • Optidrive™ drive circuit gives more power for the drive and hydraulic attachments.
  • Simple, effective hydraulics means good power and low operating costs
  • Easy to transport with a car trailer

the mini loader that will make your life easier



The Avant mini loader operator sits in the front chassis and has excellent visibility of the attachment and work area. This means the loader has a low center of gravity making the loader extremely stable. The rigid articulation joint doesn’t swing sideways increasing the stability in all situations. At the same time best possible traction can be achieved thanks to the advanced 4×4 system on the loader.

All Avant mini loaders are equipped with an open ROPS/FOPS certified cab as standard, and have the option of enclosed cabs (L, LX, DLX, GT) that comply with the ROPS/FOPS standards.


Telescopic boom

While Avant mini loaders are compact in size, the reach and lift height does not suffer.

The telescopic boom on the Avant mini loader makes it possible to have a very compact machine with excellent outreach and lift capacity. Retracting the telescopic boom allows the operator to lift heavier loads. With the boom fully extended, the reach and lift height are unparalleled.

Load a trailer from one side is easy thanks to the outreach of the telescopic boom. The operator still have excellent all-round visibility.



The best machine-attachment combination and work efficiency can only be achieved when a good machine is fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for the machine. Because Avant attachments have been designed to work specifically on Avant mini loaders, the dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of Avant mini loader are in perfect balance with the Avant attachments.

The range of Avant attachments have been designed for year-round use ensuring the machine is never sitting idle.

The wide range of options available for the loaders – like enclosed cabs, air conditioning, extra work lights, Opticontroltm attachment control system – together with technical solutions make the Avant articulated loader comfortable to use all year round.

Avant’s hydraulic multi-connector system for coupling the attachment’s hydraulic hoses guarantees easy and effortless connecting and detaching in any situation with a single hand movement. It can be done with the engine running and/or pressure in the attachment, also in freezing ambient temperatures. The mechanism is leak-free and cannot be connected in the wrong way.


Avant 4x4

All articulated Avant mini loaders are equipped with a hydrostatic drive system. There is a hydraulic drive motor on each wheel. The drive circuit is equipped with valves with which traction can be controlled in different situations. In order to avoid tyre marks on soft and sensitive surfaces when turning, the system allows the wheels on the left and right sides of the loader to roll at different speeds. This also reduces tyre wear on hard surfaces.

The valves in the drive system work like a hydraulic 4×4 diff lock and equalize the oil flow between the left and right side hydraulic motors, improving traction on slippery and uneven surfaces.


Enclosed cabs, road traffic light kits and loads of other options.

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