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Move, Lift, Carry and more with Avant! Solar Farms

As solar farms are emerging rapidly across Australia, developers, owners and solar construction companies need machinery that will perform multiple jobs efficiently.

Move, Lift, Carry and more with Avant! Avant mini loaders are a powerful tool used in the construction of solar farms. With great lifting capacities as well as impressive drive speeds, Avant can help companies increase productivity and reduce manual labour. The narrow dimensions of the machines ensure the Avant can go anywhere as well as perform every job necessary.

Regular scheduled cleaning of the PV modules is essential, both to maximise output and revenue. It’s also important to ensure warranty is not compromised by the build-up of contaminants or residue that could damage the panels. Avant Loaders can also assist with the cleaning of panels by pairing it with a solar panel brush. With the Avant’s narrow dimensions, the mini loader can can go anywhere without worry!

Vegetation and Grounds management is also essential for the optimal operation of solar panels. Avant machines and attachments will help you mow or slash grasses as well as trim, cut and remove, trees, weeds and bushes. As the top selling brand of Mini loader across Australia for landscapers, arborists as well as estate management, Avant is the perfect solution for ongoing solar farm maintenance.

  • Bigger lifting capacity of up to 1500kg
  • Up to 3.1m lift height
  • Drive speeds of up to 30km/h
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Reduces operating as well as maintenance costs
  • Save time and man power
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal to no surface damage
  • Year-round cabin options
  • 190+ attachments
  • 18 different models ranging from 20hp to 57hp
  • Telescopic boom
  • New OptiDrive high efficiency, hydraulic system
  • European manufactured, 25 years of Australian service

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