Avant eSeries Fully Electric Articulated Mini Loaders

e-Series Fully electric mini loader

e-Series Fully Electric Avant Mini Loader

The Avant fully electric mini loader produces zero emissions, uses no fuel and has extremely low noise emissions. Avant Tecno was the first manufacturer to introduce a pure electrically operated, battery-powered mini loader series to the market. The Avant fully electric loader is ideal for working in buildings, around animals and on site employees due it its zero emissions and low noise emissions. 

Working with an electric loader is now more efficient than ever – even in extreme conditions. The current Avant eSeries models are the third generation of fully electric loaders, with a unique battery technology, Avant OptiTemp ® lithium-ion batteries, designed by Avant Tecno specifically for Avant loaders. The batteries are manufactured by Avant Power in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The battery capacity of these loaders is priced competitively, and the globally unique battery technology further improves safety, working time, durability, and lifespan.

Although the eSeries mini loader is electric, it offers the same power and capabilities as the Avant 500 series diesel mini loader but with the advantage of zero emissions and low noise.

Two fully electric mini loader models are available, the Avant e513 and e527 models. Both electric mini loaders have an integrated built-in 230 V / 16 A battery charger battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries on a 230 volt 10A power outlet.

The Avant e513 and Avant e527 loaders are almost identical, the only difference lies in the capacity of the batteries. The Avant e513 (13 kWh) is a good choice for short-term continuous use on farms, horse stables, greenhouses or property maintenance. The Avant e527 loader (27 kWh) has a larger battery that is ideal for demanding professional use. Landscaping, construction and demolition contractors will benefit from this model.

The fully electric Avant loaders are ideal for working in confined spaces and on construction sites that have strict limits on noise and emissions.

Technical Specifications
  • 100% electric mini loader
  • Zero exhaust emissions, very low noise, built-in battery charger.
  • Lift capacity 900 kg
  • Lift height 2.8 m
  • Two models: Avant e513 (battery capacity 13 kWh) and Avant e527 (battery capacity 27 kWh)
  • Speed 0-10 km/h
  • Battery-driven, 100% Fully electric loader series with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Fast charge in 1.5 hours. Type 2 charging, built-in 230 V / 16 A battery charger.
  • Avant OptiTemp ® battery optimized for Avant loaders with a next generation thermal management system and unique security solutions
  • Excellent capacity in hot conditions and severe frosts

The mini loader that will become your best friend.


Charging time

The most important factors which have an effect on the working time are battery capacity and electric current consumption when working.

When fully charged in the morning, the Avant e527 loader (27kWh) can be used for a whole working day. The maximum operating time of the machine is about 6 hours for medium-duty work, whereas for Avant e513, it is about 3 hours. The battery of both loaders can be fully charged with a fast charger in just 1.5 hours, allowing for long working days.



Running costs

The running costs for Avant eSeries mini loaders are significantly lower than any diesel-powered mini loader due to the lack of a combustion engine.

Electricity cost compared to diesel is roughly 75% cheaper. This will make the biggest difference in running costs when comparing e series mini loader to a diesel mini loader.

One of the advantages of battery-powered machines is simpler maintenance. The batteries and electric motors are practically maintenance-free, which means clearly lower maintenance costs for electric mini loaders.

There are also fewer checkpoints and there is no need to change engine oil, coolant, or engine filters in periodical service.

In practice, only hydraulic oil and filter must be replaced in electric loaders. The difference is clearly visible in service costs because the price of a periodical service of electric Avant mini loaders is about 50 % lower.


Battery technology

The eSeries electric loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® battery packs (13 kWh and 27 kWh) that are manufactured by Avant Tecno’s subsidiary Avant Power.

The globally unique battery technology brings capacity to a whole new level, and the energy density of the batteries is among the best in the world. The thermal management system of the patented lithium-ion batteries guarantees the same capacity in hot and extremely cold temperatures. Multi-level protection makes Avant OptiTemp® batteries very safe.


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