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800 Series The largest and most powerful

800 Series The largest and most powerful Avant loader - powerful lift capacity and high lift height.

The flagship model of the Avant range, the Avant 800 series loader, pushes the boundaries of a compact loader. This loader has the highest lift height and largest capacity of all the Avant models.

Without having to drive around it, it can easily extend all the way to fill tall mixer feeder wagons and can easily load a truck from one side to the far edge. Heavy loads like bricks or pavers can be handled with ease by the Avant 800 series loader’s 1.9 tonne capacity. Despite being the largest Avant loader, it can still be transported on a standard car trailer and is small enough to work in hard access areas where large equipment can typically not access.

The ROPS/FOPS cab is standard on the Avant 800 series small loader, but the enclosed GT cab is also an option. The GT Cab is a modern, air-conditioned, vibration-isolating comfort area for the driver. A comfortable workday in the cab is made possible by great visibility, ergonomics, and a low noise level. The 800 series loader can be customised with air-conditioning, Bluetooth, air suspension seat, and other options to make the loader comfortable for the operator. It is unquestionably the best compact loader available.

Technical Specifications
  • Lift capacity 1,900 kg
  • Lift height 3.5 m
  • Engine power 49-57 hp
  • Drive speed 26-30 km/h
  • Large 17" wheels as standard
  • Cab with air conditioning available
  • Optional GT Cab available - vibration-insulated and lower noise
  • Extended reach with a telescopic boom
  • Optidrive™ drive circuit gives more power for the drive and hydraulic attachments.

The mini loader that will become
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Because of the innovative articulated loader design by Avant, which places the driver in the front chassis with a clear view of the attachment and work area, the loader has a lower centre of gravity, which is crucial for stability.

The solid, non-swinging articulation joint improves stability in all situations. The sophisticated 4×4 system allows for the greatest amount of traction.

All Avant mini loaders come standard with an open, ROPS/FOPS certified cab, and there are optional enclosed cabs (L and GT) that also meet the sames standards.


Telescopic boom

The reach and lift height are not compromised even though Avant mini loaders are designed to be as compact as possible.

The telescopic boom of the Avant mini loader allows for a relatively small machine with a considerable outreach and lift capacity. The telescopic boom can be retracted to lift large items. Reach and lift height are unmatched with the boom fully extended.

Because of the telescopic boom’s reach, it is usually possible to load a trailer from one side while maintaining superb all-around visibility.



Avant attachments have been specifically designed to work with Avant mini loaders. Only when a good machine is equipped with attachments that are particularly made for the machine can the best machine-attachment combination and work efficiency be accomplished. An Avant mini loader’s size, auxiliary hydraulics power, and other characteristics are perfectly balanced with the Avant attachments.

The year-round use of Avant compact loaders and attachments means that the machine is never left unused. An Avant mini loader is as comfortable to use in the winter cold as it is on a warm summer afternoon thanks to the extensive range of options available, such as four different cabs, extra work lights, the Opticontrol™ attachment control system, etc.

The hydraulic multi-connector system by Avant, for coupling the attachment’s hydraulic hoses ensures quick, simple, one-handed connection and disconnection effortlessly. Even at extremely cold temperatures, it can be done while the engine is running and/or there is pressure in the attachment.
The mechanism has no leaks and cannot be connected incorrectly.


Avant 4x4

Hydrostatic drive systems are standard on all Avant mini loaders. Each wheel has a hydraulic drive motor. There are valves in the drive circuit for traction control in a range of situations. The system enables the left and right wheels on the loader to roll at different speeds, preventing tyre markings on soft and sensitive surfaces when turning. Hard surface tyre wear is decreased as a result.

The drive system’s valves serve as a hydraulic 4×4 diff lock and equalize the oil flow between the hydraulic motors on the left and right, which enhances traction on slick and uneven surfaces.


Enclosed cabs, road traffic light kits and loads of other options.

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