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Government, Council, & Educational Institutions

Unlocking efficiency and productivity, the Avant loader stands as an indispensable asset for local government, public sector organisations, and educational institutions alike. With its compact design and robust capabilities, the Avant loader effortlessly handles an array of tasks, from landscaping and maintenance to facility management and infrastructure development. Its versatility empowers municipalities, government departments, universities and schools to streamline operations, maximise resources, and accomplish projects with precision and speed.

Whether it’s managing waste, transporting materials, road cleaning or beautifying landscapes, the Avant mini loader delivers unmatched performance while reducing manual labor and operational costs. Its agile maneuverability and over 200 attachments make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, ensuring that local governments, public sector entities, and educational institutions can tackle challenges effectively and enhance their services for the community. Experience the transformative power of the Avant loader and revolutionise your organisation’s workflow today. The large range of attachments allows the Avant compact articulated loader to be adapted to suit the assigned job. One loader many job applications.

Experience unparalleled versatility with Avant mini articulated loaders, designed with an articulated chassis to traverse any surface without causing damage. From national parks to pavement and locals sporting fields, these loaders offer narrow access, allowing seamless navigation on any job site. Easily load them onto trucks or trailers for swift transportation wherever you require.

We are exclusive Australian distributors of the Tuchel-Sweep range, ideal for efficient street washing and quick cleaning of public areas like roads, town centers, and car parks. Featuring a forward-driving broom for ergonomic operation and twice the efficiency of bucket brooms, Tuchel sweepers ensure superior performance. Plus, with fine adjustment capabilities, achieving the perfect height is quick and effortless. Explore the Tuchel range now for enhanced cleaning solutions.

In addition to over 200 Avant attachments, we are the premier importer and distributor of the Slanetrac attachment range. From hedge trimming to cutting and more, Slanetrac attachments are meticulously designed for efficiency and effectiveness. Explore the range, including swivel trim hedge trimmers, flail cut mowers, saw heads, and rotary brushes, compatible with mini loaders, compact articulated loaders, tractors, and excavators.

Whatever the task, Avant provides the solution to meet your needs!


  • One loader many jobs
  • Versatile Avant loaders tackle diverse tasks efficiently, from landscaping to infrastructure projects.
  • Enhanced safety features: From load sensor systems to quick hitch attachments, Avant loaders prioritise operator safety, crucial for government workplace standards.
  • Compact design allows easy navigation in tight spaces, perfect for urban environments.
  • Bigger lifting capacity of up to 1,900kg and up to 3.1m lift height
  • Drive speeds of up to 30km/h
  • Compact design for maneuverability in tight urban spaces
  • No machinery driving tickets required
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Ergonomic access and operation for operator comfort and safety during prolonged use
  • Maneuverable on diverse terrain, from parks to pavements
  • Minimal surface damage with articulated chassis for sensitive areas
  • Year-round cabin options
  • OVer 200 versatile attachments for diverse tasks, enhancing operational efficiency
  • 18 different models ranging from 20hp to 57hp
  • Telescopic boom
  • Swiftly load onto trucks or trailers for convenient transportation to job sites.
  • OptiDrive System: high efficiency, hydraulic system
  • European manufactured, Australian service