Avant Weed Brush Attachment for Avant Compact Loader


The Avant Weed Brush is an efficient Avant compact loader attachment for the removal of weeds from paved and hard surfaces. It is equipped with a steel brush which can be extended manually and turned in three different positions:  front, right side or left side. The weed brush is equipped with a support wheel as standard. It can be lifted and locked in an up position to transport if needed.

Avant loaders and attachments are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno.

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    Remove weeds with the rotating steel brush
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    Equipped with manual extendable arm
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    Can be turned manually in three positions: front, right and left
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    Support wheel as standard
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    Can be lifted and locked in an up position for transport



Brush diameter 600 mm
Bristle material steel
Height 530 mm
Length/Width (retracted) 1100 mm
Weight 85 kg
Product no A36594


Heavy duty wire rope brush A422665

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