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Improve efficiency with an Avant ArborPro Loader

August 29, 2019

Improve efficiency with an Avant ArborPro Loader

Improving the efficiency of a business, by speeding up jobs, improving staff morale and keeping staff safe and healthy is a no brainer for any business. The Avant ArborPro compact articulated loader can contribute to all of these to make a business more efficient. Avant has developed the ArborPro loader specifically to meet the requirements of arborists and tree care professionals.

The high quality, Avant ArborPro 700 series loader is very fast, with speeds of up to 30 km per hour, has easy to use controls and a reliable 49 hp Kubota engine. The Avant ArborPro 700 series can lift approximately 1.5 tonnes up to 3 m in the air with the telescopic boom, which makes it fast and efficient for loading logs into the chippers or mulch into trucks and trailers. The Avant loader can perform tree jobs, use an auger, carry pallets of materials or lift and carry items with a grapple or even remove a stump with a stump grinder.

The compact size of the Avant ArborPro loader appeals to tree care professionals who are looking to get into tight spaces and easily access backyards. The compact size, lightweight and articulated chassis, which pivots mid-body, makes it easy to manoeuvre, especially in tight areas, assists in quick job completion resulting in lower operating costs.

The benefit of having a loader that can access tight residential properties or quickly drive across manicured lawns and acreage, is that it can do all the lifting and carrying with minimal or no damage to the property. The Avant compact loader not only eases the physical strain of hand loading on arborists, but the compact size and articulated chassis allows it to be operated on sensitive surfaces with minimal damage. Not having to fix up track marks gets the job done faster and more efficiently. The Avant loader design is easy on the tyres in comparison to skid steer loaders, so tyre wear and tear costs are much lower.

The Avant loader cabin provides 360-degree visibility, so the operator is always aware of their surroundings and has an unobstructed view to the attachment. Access to the cabin is from the side, making it easy to access. The ease of access and excellent visibility are designed for maximum operator safety.

Instead of a dedicated machine for each application, attachments can be quickly changed on the Avant loader to do more with one loader. The comprehensive Avant attachment range – over 200 attachments – includes everything from buckets to augers to rotating grapples and just about any other attachment needed for tree care.  This makes the Avant loader a very versatile and useful machine for tree care operations.

The ease of transporting the Avant loaders makes them popular with tree care professionals. The compact size allows the loader and attachments to be transported properly, easily and safely on one trailer, making it easier to get machinery to job sites.

The versatility of the Avant ArborPro is the ideal loader for arborists and tree care professionals to improve the efficiency of their business.