Avant Compact Mini Loaders - Operator Safety and Comfort

An Avant driver is always safely in the front seat

June 10, 2020

An Avant driver is always safely in the front seat

When working with machinery operator safety is always the most important factor. Operator safety and safety of those working around them is very important to Avant – that is why we have built safety features into our mini loaders as standard.

Visibility is a key safety factor when working on any type of machine as work sites can be busy and congested with other workers on site. On an Avant mini loader the operator is positioned on the front of the loader to provide an unrestricted view of the attachment. The off-centre boom on an Avant mini loader allows excellent forward vision, a clear view of the attachment and significantly increasing all-around visibility reducing the chance of work site accidents.

Avant loader visibility attachment view

Avant loader  attachment visibility

Ergonomics are important for a machine operator which is why the Avant mini loader has been designed with the comfort of the operator in mind. An Avant loader is safe and easy to access with a wide side opening. It is easy to operate with well positioned controls. The hoses are connected effortlessly with a single hand movement.

The rigid articulation joint prevents sideways pivot and is a very important feature in a machine of this size. Thanks to this rigid design the risk of tipping the machine over is greatly reduced, because the rear chassis is always counterbalancing the front chassis, preventing the front chassis from movement which could otherwise destabilise the machine. Existing Avant operators pay testament to the stability of the machine, achieved because of this feature.

Fitted as standard to Avant loaders is a ROPS safety frame with FOPS tinted plexiglass canopy. The safety frame is a four-post structure that provides all round protection for the operator. The FOPS canopy protects the operator against falling objects. The ROPS frame and the FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the ISO 3471 (ROPS) and ISO 3449 (FOPS) standards.

The telescopic loader boom provides all the advantages of reach when fully extended and maximum stability when retracted by keeping the load close to the machine during transportation. Avant mini loaders include boom self-levelling that makes load handling quicker and more precise. The self-levelling system automatically keeps the load level in all positions of the loader boom. This is standard in Avant 500-700 series loaders.

A load sensor is fitted as standard to the Avant 600-800 series loaders. This provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground. This pre-emptive warning gives the operator more time to react in the event of the loader becoming unstable.

If Avant loader drivers are operating in extreme temperatures or in touch work environments, then there are 3 cab options available for driver comfort and safety. The enclosed cab options can include basic options like a windscreen, side and rear windows whilst more advanced options such as air conditioning, heating, noise reduction can be added to an Avant loader.

Avant takes operator comfort and safety seriously. We are always looking at new safety and ergonomic features to increase operator comfort and safety whilst increasing efficiency and productivity of our loaders.