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Open the door for the narrower Avant 423 compact loader

March 3, 2021

Open the door for the narrower Avant 423 compact loader

The Avant 423 compact articulated loader has a well-deserved reputation as a workhorse. Packed with enough power to operate most attachments, the Avant 423 loader can do the job of a compact tractor, an ATV quad bike and a ride-on lawn mower plus more. And now, it’s become even more flexible.

One of the most multipurpose, articulated, diesel compact loaders on the market, the Avant 423 loader is now available with special narrow tyres, bringing the machine’s total width to just 930 mm. The previous narrowest Avant loader model was 990 mm. Production of the new model, which is so narrow it can even be driven through one metre wide doors, began in May this year.

Customers in construction, demolition and landscaping often need to work in tight access areas. Their feedback led to the development of the new Avant 423 narrow loader model. The model is also perfect for the agricultural industry – there are many narrow passageways and doors in farm buildings that a loader needs to navigate smoothly.

The new narrow-wheel model has all the features of the previous one and delivers the same quality performance associated with the Avant 423 compact loader. It is equipped with a Kubota 22hp diesel engine, the most efficient engine on the market in this loader size class. The motor not only delivers power, but has great torque, making it ideal for loader use. The low noise level generated by the low RPM engine is good for the both the machine operator and the environment.

Avant 400 series compact mini loader

The telescopic boom works wonders

The machine has a lifting power of 550 kg. With the optional telescopic boom, the Avant 423 loader can reach up to 2.75 m, the best in its class. The telescopic boom adds not only height, it also makes it possible to work efficiently in tight access areas. The boom can be used to load a trailer from one side reaching across the trailer. The telescopic boom facilitates and improves the use of machinery: it makes working with the wide range of Avant attachments easier, improves visibility to the working area and increases work efficiency. Together with the rigid articulation joint and excellent visibility offered by Avant 423 compact loader, the telescopic boom helps improve safety.

High-flow hydraulics

What really sets the Avant 423 mini loader apart from others is its hydraulic performance. With an oil flow of 34 l/min available for attachments, the Avant 423 is the most powerful loader on the market in its class. This makes it the perfect machine for handling any task, from landscaping to lawn mowing, and makes it compatible for efficient use with more attachments.

A hydraulic oil cooler equipped with an electric fan comes standard on all Avant loader models. This proper oil cooling system, a feature not usually available in this machine class, is necessary to guarantee the performance and efficient operation of the loader with other attachments.

Open the door for the narrower Avant 423 compact loader now.

Avant 423

Engine: 16 kW / 22 hp (diesel)

Lifting capacity: 550 kg

Lifting height: 2.75 m

Speed: 12 km/h

Width starting from: 93 cm

Height: 1.98 m

Avant 400 series compact mini loader