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Avant Tecno introduces two new loader models in the popular 600 series

May 4, 2022

Avant Tecno introduces two new loader models in the popular 600 series

Avant 645i and 650i are the most powerful mini loaders in their size class in the world

The dimensions and lifting power of the new loaders are in the same range as the current 600 series models, but the engine is different. The power of the 700 series is packed into these two models. Kubota’s 33 kW / 44 hp diesel engine provides plenty of power and torque for work which requires high pulling force and/or is speed intensive. These new mini loaders beat any are machines in the same size range for efficiency.

The current EU Stage V emission standard for diesel engines in non-road mobile machinery requires a catalytic converter and a particulate filter for engines above 19 kW. Avant is the first manufacturer to bring  compact loaders to the market in this size class that meet these requirements.

  • Avant 645i and 650i models are the most compact over 26 hp Stage V / Tier 4 Final compliant mini loaders on the market.
  • The single speed 645i and the two-speed 650i models are equipped with a Kubota V1505CRT diesel engine. The 4-cylinder 1498 cm 3 turbo charged common rail engine has a power output of 33 kW / 44 hp. The oxidation catalyst and particulate filter handle the exhaust after treatment, and no additives (AdBlue) are required.
  • The maximum oil flow of the auxiliary hydraulics is 75 l / min,  is unique to a mini loader in this size class. These new loaders can run almost any of the hydraulically driven attachments in the Avant attachment range.
  • Hydrostatic transmission with a hydraulic drive motor on each wheel is a familiar feature of Avant compact loaders. The Avant 645i is equipped with a 1-speed motors (max. driving speed 13 km/h), while the Avant 650i has 2-speed motors and a max. driving speed of 25 km/h.
  • Due to their low weight (1620/1630kg), these new loaders are easy to transport and gentle on turf surfaces.

Avant 645i 650i Articulated Mini Loader


Superior comfort and versatility for professional use
The new Avant loaders have a certified ROPS/FOPS open cab as standard. Both the L-cab and Avant  GT cab, which is completely unique in this size class, are available as an option. The noise and vibration isolation of the spacious and modern GT cab are excellent, and the efficient heating and ventilation, excellent ergonomic design, and the large windows provide superior comfort for the operator. Air conditioning is also available as an option in the GT cab.

The familiar Avant concept guarantees efficient work: articulated steering allows turning without tyre marks, and the operator sitting in the front chassis has a perfect view of the attachment and the working area. The low center of gravity, together with the rigid articulation, joint which doesn’t swing sideways, increase stability and provide a higher tipping load.

Characteristic of Avant mini loaders the telescopic lifting boom comes as standard on the new models. The length of the telescopic boom is 600 mm, and the maximum lifting height is 2.84 m to the hinge pin of the attachment coupling plate. This enables loading on trucks and unloading loads from high up. The hydraulic boom self-levelling system automatically keeps the load horizontal when the boom is lifted and lowered.

The 600 series has the Avant specific quick attachment plate for attachments. Hydraulic quick locking of the locking pins is also available as an option. The hydraulic hoses on the attachment are conveniently connected to a multi connector as in all Avant mini loaders. The Avant range of attachments is the largest in the world, with over 200 attachments available for the Avant 600 series loaders. The Avant mini loader is a very versatile and useful loader for many industries including arborists, beekeeping, property maintenance, landscaping, equestrians, farming, building and construction.

The new Avant 645i and 650i models will be introduced at the Maxpo exhibition in Hyvinkää, Finland, on 5–7 May 2022. Production of the new loader models will begin in the Spring of 2022.

Avant 645i 650i Articulated Mini Loader


Length 2612 mm 2612 mm
Width with STD wheels 1290 mm 1290 mm
Height 2060 mm 2060 mm
Weight 1620 kg 1630 kg
Standard wheels 26×12.00-12” 26×12.00-12”
Transmission, drive Hydrostatic, Avant Optidrive TM Hydrostatic, Avant Optidrive TM
Pulling force, max. 1400 kp 1400 kp
Drive speed, max.
26×12.00-12” STD wheels 12 km/h 23 km/h
320/55-15” wheels 13 km/h 25 km/h
Work hydraulics 75 l/min 200 bar 75 l/min 200 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 940 / 2250 mm 940 / 2250 mm
Lift height, max. 2835 mm 2835 mm
Tipping load 1190 kg 1190 kg
Engine make and type Kubota V1505-CR-TE5 Stage V / Tier 4 Final 4-cylinder Kubota V1505-CR-TE5 Stage V / Tier 4 Final 4-cylinder
Engine output (ECE R120) 33 kW / 44 hp 33 kW / 44 hp
Torque, max. 118 Nm @ 2000 rpm 118 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Fuel Diesel Diesel

For more information download the Avant 645i and 650i mini loaders leaflet here.

Avant Tecno Oy is a world leading manufacturer of high-quality compact loaders and attachments. Founded in 1991, Avant has over the years become a household name in the compact loader business thanks to the numerous innovative solutions it has created. The Avant factory is located in Ylojarvi, near the city of Tampere in Finland. In addition, Avant has subsidiary sales offices in Germany, Great Britain and the United States, and independent importers in over 50 countries all over the world.