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GT cab now available for Avant 755i & 760i loaders

October 10, 2022

GT cab now available for Avant 755i & 760i loaders

About two years ago,  the GT cab was launched for the 800 series compact loader. The new GT cab increased the comfort of working in all weather conditions. Now the 700 series Avant mini loaders can be fitted with the soundproof and modern GT cab.

The Avant GT cab was developed for the 800 series to make the workday as comfortable as possible for Avant users that were working long hours. The cab was created with less noise and vibration in the cockpit, more visibility and better heating for winter conditions. The controls were also redesigned in logical locations in the cab.

The GT cab is now available in two 700 series models, the 755i and 760i.  The intention of this product development was an overall standardising of functions – in addition to great work ergonomics, sound insulation and ease of use.

“The users of 700 series loaders will notice the biggest difference when they compare this new GT cab to the old DLX cab. We have standardised the control panels in the cab so that the user will know for sure which button is where – regardless of the loader model. So, in the future, you won’t have to search for the same function in different Avant models, but you can always find the buttons in their familiar places”, says Mikko Piepponen, who was responsible for the design of the cab.

In the new cab, this idea of standardising has also been applied to the service point, electrical boxes, and machine structures so that maintenance staff will also find everything in the same place.

“We are really pleased with the new GT cab and consider this to be the best cab available for a compact loader. Space is always scarce but working in the new cab is still very pleasant”, says Olli Hankamäki, the design team leader.


Reliability and easy maintenance

Avant 760i Articulate Mini Loader with GT Cab

The daily service point is now concentrated in one location under the front panel and in its immediate vicinity. The front panel can be removed with a quick release lock.

In the new GT cab, the hydraulics for the directional valve are the same as in the Avant 800 series mini loader. The tank line has a new return cycle for the oil cooler and oil to reduce pressure losses. The optional boom floating system and Smooth Drive are now next to the oil cooler under the right-hand plastic panel, which helps in standardising maintenance. As the number of components has been reduced, more reliability has been obtained.

Air conditioning in the new cab is even more efficient than before. Thanks to its quick locking, the air conditioner condenser housing behind the cab is now even more maintenance-friendly: cleaning and changing the dryer is easier. The cooling power has improved; there are now two fans inside the condenser housing instead of one.

Avant 760i Articulate Mini Loader with GT Cab

The windscreen wiper has been placed in the middle of the windscreen, so the wiper area is larger than before. The glass wiper moves softly. Thanks to the new generation electric motor, the wiper blade can be turned down and cleaned or replaced when the electric system of the loader is switched off. This is a brand-new feature that we didn’t have in the 800 series GT cab. It makes working easier, especially in difficult winter conditions.

The removable rubber floor of the GT cab also serves as a service hatch. It can be removed easily by pulling a strap. Under the hatch, there are maintenance items of the articulation joint area such as bearings and connectors. Now, doing a visual check is easy, and you can access the hoses without tools.

The work lights in the new cab are more powerful than before. The work lights and the headlights in the road traffic series are now LED lights. Previously, the blinkers were separate, but now they have been planted inside the headlights. The realisation of the road traffic series is identical in the GT loader and the ROPS loader.

Avant 760i Articulate Mini Loader with GT Cab

The soundproofing of the cab is carried out with four rubber cushions that separate the cab from the loader’s chassis, thus reducing vibration and noise. The cushions are slightly lower than in the 800 Series GT cab to keep the overall height of the loader as low as possible.

The cab changes mentioned in this article came to the 800 series loaders in early 2022. The GT cab is now the only heated cab option for Avant 755i and 760i – the LX and DLX cabs are no longer available for them. However, Avant 735, 745 and 750 remain with LX and DLX cabs. They will change to the GT cab in the near future.

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