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October 25, 2022



The capacity of electric loaders enters a whole new level as Avant Tecno’s new subsidiary, Avant Power, starts producing battery packs for fully electric Avant mini loaders in 2023. Two new mini loader models, Avant e5-27 and Avant e5-13, will be equipped with Avant OptiTemp batteries (27kWh and 13kWh) featuring a globally unique thermal management system. The battery capacity is twice the size of other manufacturers’ products. A fully charged battery in the Avant e5-27 mini loader provides a whole workday with one charge.


Avant electric articulated mini loader e series

“Avant Tecno has been doing research and development related to electric loaders since the 1990s, and our first fully electric mini loader was introduced in 1997. After working with electric loaders and batteries for decades, we realized that there was no battery pack in the world that would be perfectly optimized for compact loaders. That’s why we decided to start making batteries ourselves,” says Mikko Piepponen, Chief Operating Officer at Avant Power Oy.

Now, Avant Power launches two new generation OptiTemp battery packs for the new fully electric Avant e5-27 and e5-13 mini loader models. Completely unique on a global scale, the batteries bring efficiency and safety of electric loaders to the next level.


Key benefits of Avant OptiTemp batteries:

High capacity, up to 27 kWh. The Avant e5-27 mini loader has twice the capacity of other loaders in its size class. You can work the whole day with one single charge.

OptiTemp system inside. The innovative thermal management system keeps the temperature optimised and gives you the same capacity in hot and freezing weather. An OptiTemp battery works very well even in very cold conditions (-30°C/-22°F), when preconditioned. As the battery is plugged into a charger, the temperature control system is automatically switched on. When the workday starts and the loader is unplugged, the battery temperature is optimised for hard work and adjusted to the prevailing weather conditions.

Rapid charging stations available. Thanks to the structure of the battery, you can charge your battery in just 1.5 hours with a rapid charger, which enables long workdays.

Absolute safety. No other battery manufacturer in the world has similar solutions for safety. In Avant OptiTemp batteries, there is no risk of propagation – thermal runaway from one cell to another – or flame leakage outside the battery device. Absolute safety is guaranteed by the structure and the immersion cooling system of the battery.


“The cooperation with Avant Power, and the batteries they have developed, allow us to build the kind of electric loaders that the market has been longing for. Longer working time and more affordable pricing have been key issues with electric loaders until now. With the new e5 electric mini loader models, we intend to tackle them both,” says Jani Käkelä, CEO of Avant Tecno.

Avant electric articulated mini loader e series



The e5 series has three charging options. The loader has a built-in onboard charger which allows you to charge with any 220V outlet. The onboard charger is intended mainly for overnight charging. The 400V rapid charging stations (16A and 32A versions) are available as an option. The station is easy to move from jobsite to another because it has the Avant quick attach. Rapid charging is intended for charging during the workday.

Loader model Avant e5-13 Avant e5-27
Voltage 44V 44V
Capacity 13 kWh 27 kWh
Operation time* 3 hours 6 hours
Lift capacity 900 kg 900 kg
Lift height 2790 mm 2790 mm
Drive speed 10 km/h 10 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics 30 l/min 30 l/min

*In medium duty loading work; no hydraulic attachments used.


Charging Times

  Avant e5-13 Avant e5-27
Onboard charger 5 h 10 h
Rapid charger 400V/16A 1 h 30 min 2 h 45 min
Rapid charger 400V/32A 1 h 30 min


The new Avant e5-27 and e5-13 mini loader models and the Avant OptiTemp battery packs will be unveiled at the international Bauma fair in Munich, Germany, on 24 October 2022 at the Avant Tecno stand FM.709/3. Production starts in 2023 with availability in Australia planned for the end of 2023.