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The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders – Impressive power in a compact loader

November 14, 2023

The new Avant 635i and 640i loaders – Impressive power in a compact loader

Two new mini loader models: the single-speed Avant 635i and the double-speed Avant 640i have been added to the popular Avant 600 series range by Finnish manufacturer Avant Tecno.

With the all-new Kohler KSD engine in both loader models, the electronic injection and simple operation, with no exhaust after-treatment necessary, provides more usable power.

Building on the globally recognised Avant concept of small but powerful machines, the new Avant 635i and 640i loader models complete the rejuvenation of the Avant 600 series. This series of mini loaders is widely used in a variety of industries, including arboriculture, beekeeping, farming, building and demolition, landscaping, wholesale nurseries and equestrian care.

The Avant 635i has a top speed of 12 km/h, whereas the Avant 640i has a top speed of 23 km/h. Both versions come standard with a certified ROPS/FOPS canopy, but a modern, spacious GT cab enclosure with ergonomic design is also available for added safety and operator comfort.

Kohler KSD engine and high oil flow

The completely new electronically controlled Kohler KSD 1403 engine is a common rail diesel engine with a displacement of 1.4 liters and an output of 26 hp/19 kW. The engine was designed with the requirements of the latest Stage V and Tier 4 Final emission standards in mind: its power and other features have been optimised to 19 kilowatts, eliminating the need for a particulate filter.

The three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine produces plenty of torque at low revs and there is very little power drop in high altitudes. Electronic injection adjusts to changing load conditions far better than conventional injection systems. When undertaking earthmoving operations with a bucket and similar jobs, the Avant operator will be able to notice the difference from conventional injection systems. The engine will not stall if you push and lift simultaneously.

Thanks to the new diesel engine, the auxiliary hydraulics’ previous output of 50 l/min has been increased to an oil flow of 66 l/min, which is exceptionally high in this power class.

The new Avant 635i/640i loader models operate well with hydraulic attachments that require higher flow, making the loader even more versatile and efficient.

Avant 640i Articulated Mini Loader 1350 Flail Mower A441550

New features and a new look

The Avant 635i and 640i models have a safety-enhancing electric power distribution unit (PDU), where most of the fuses and relays are located. The safety functions of the loader are now controlled by a separate electronic control unit of the loader (VECU).

In the cab, separate gauges have now been replaced by a convenient multi-function display. It provides the Avant operator with varied information on the loader, such as engine speed, oil flow of auxiliary hydraulics, fuel quantity, current fuel consumption, outside temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, load alarm, total operating hours, maintenance info and fault codes. All  available in 11 different languages.

The design of the mini loaders and the cover panels are identical on both the Avant 645i/650i loader models, giving the loaders a modern look, while also making them easy to service.

Check out the WalkAround YouTube video here

Technical information:

Length 2610 mm 2610 mm
Width 1290 mm 1290 mm
Height 2060 mm 2060 mm
Weight 1570 kg 1580 kg
Standard wheels 26×12.00-12” 26×12.00-12”
Transmission, drive Hydrostatic, Avant OptidriveTM Hydrostatic, Avant OptidriveTM
Pulling force, max. 1400 kp 1400 kp
Drive speed, max.
26×12.00-12” STD wheels 12 km/h 23 km/h (two drive speeds)
320/55-15” wheels 13 km/h 25 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics 66 l/min 200 bar 66 l/min 200 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 940 / 2250 mm 940 / 2250 mm
Line height, max. 2835 mm 2835 mm
Tipping load 1190 kg 1190 kg
Engine make and type Kohler KSD 1403NA Stage V / Tier 4 Final 3-cylinder Kohler KSD 1403NA Stage V / Tier 4 Final 3-cylinder
Engine output (ECE R120) 19 kW / 26 hp 19 kW / 26 hp
Torque, max. 90 Nm @ 1800 rpm 90 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Fuel Diesel Diesel

Avant 635i Articulated Mini Loader

Founded in 1991, Avant Tecno Oy is a world leading Finnish manufacturer of high-quality compact loaders and attachments. Thanks to its numerous innovative solutions over the years, Avant has become a household name in the compact loader business. The Avant factory is in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Avant has subsidiary sales offices in Germany, Great Britain, the United States, and Brazil, and independent importers in over 50 countries all over the world.