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Avant Loader Enhances Efficiency on Victorian Truffle Farm

February 28, 2024

Avant Loader Enhances Efficiency on Victorian Truffle Farm

In the rolling hills of the picturesque Scotch Hill Truffle Farm in Neerim South, VIC, the Avant loader has made their truffle farm and citrus tree operations more efficient than ever before. The owner of this remarkable truffle farm, Ron Geritz, shares his insights on how the Avant loader has become an indispensable part of his operation.

After seeing an Avant loader demo at the Melbourne Flower Show in 2011, and after 12 months of research, Ron purchased his first Avant mini loader. “I like the combination of the articulated wheels and the extendable boom. The ability to easily swap different attachments was important for efficiency, while the Kubota engine makes it reliable and easy to service” says Ron.

The Avant loader is used for landscaping, tree and hedge trimming and general farm work not only on Ron’s truffle farm but also other farms around the Gippsland area. “Being able to load the Avant loader on a trailer makes it easy to transport to other properties and get the job done quickly” says Ron.

Avant 745 Articulated Mini Loader Scotch Hill Truffles (2)

Scotch Hill Truffle Farm is not just a producer of truffles, but they grow advanced citrus trees and inoculated truffle trees to sell. “The extendable boom on the Avant is great for loading trees onto trailers. We use the Avant loader to drill the holes for planting and the forks as a digging tool to take some of our trees out of the ground”.

Ron explains, “The Avant loader’s compact size, stability and manoeuvrability allows it to navigate hard to reach areas. We can navigate our farm and other properties all year-round regardless of the weather or ground conditions”.

One of the standout features of the Avant loader is its versatility. “We can attach various attachments to it cutting down the time and effort to complete the various tasks,” says Ron, “this flexibility means we have a single machine that allows me to work independently.”

There are over 200 Avant attachments available for the Avant loader so you only need one machine for many jobs. “With the wide range of Avant attachments, I’m keen to try out the side shift forks and the rotary hoe” says Ron, “the range of attachments is endless”.

“I’ve been so happy with the Avant loader that I am onto my third model. I started with an Avant 400 series, then moved to an Avant 745 that I have just updated to the current model which has the new Optidrive system and hydraulic quick hitch” says Ron.

Avant 745 Articulated Mini Loader Scotch Hill Truffles (2)

The Avant loader has improved efficiency and made the entire operation more streamlined at Scotch Truffle Farm. “We are grateful for this remarkable piece of machinery. It has become an indispensable tool on our farm as it can do the job of a skid steer, excavator, and tractor in a much more efficient way” states Ron, “it is a very flexible and versatile machine that is perfect for a wide range of jobs. I have several contacts that have purchased an Avant loader on my recommendation”.

The Avant loader has become an essential partner at Scotch Hill Truffle Farm, showcasing how having the right equipment can revolutionise even the most traditional of agricultural practices.

For more information on Scotch Hill Truffles visit https://scotchhill.com.au/.

Avant 745 Articulated Mini Loader Scotch Hill Truffles (2)