Edge Trimmer with Weed Brush Attachment For Avant Mini Loader

Groundcare Edge Trimmer with Weed Brush

The Avant Edge Trimmer with Weed Brush attachment allows simultaneous trimming of lawn edges and weed removal with an Avant mini loader. With this loader attachment, the edges between the kerb or asphalt and grass can be cleaned and the edges between the lawn and paving, asphalt, or concrete can be trimmed.

The attachment can be used as a weed brush only by lifting up the cutting disc. The heavy duty wire rope brush (A422665) has a diameter  of 700 mm as standard. The cutting disc has a diameter of 460 mm.  An adjustable and detachable splash guard and a foldable support wheel are standard.

The working width (distance from the brush to the side from the mini loader’s quick attach plate) can be adjusted manually to a max. 180 mm, and the distance between the cutting disc and the brush can also be adjusted. The cutting disc is spring loaded: the spring turns the disc parallel with the driving direction. The angle of the brush can be adjusted manually.

Three different mounting positions: working on the right side or on the left side of the mini loader, or pointing to the front (transport position). Changing the working direction from the right to the left side of the loader requires tools and the left-handed mounting bracket A449096 for the cutting disc.

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    Lawn edge trimming and weed removal at the same time
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    Adjustable cutting depth and precise control
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    Edge trimmer height can be adjusted
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    Rotating steel brush removes stubborn weeds
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    Can be used as a weed brush only
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    Ideal attachment for keeping stable and farm yards neat and tidy
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    Useful attachment for landscape maintenance



Cutting depth max. 150 mm
Cutting disc diameter 460 mm
Brush diameter 700 mm
Max. width in working position 1410 mm
Min. width in transport position
856 mm
Height 690 mm
Length 865 mm
Weight  160 kg


Brush with steel bristles A452184
Left-handed mounting bracket for cutting disc A449096
(allows mounting on the left side)

Compatible Models