Large Grain and Flour Dispenser Bucket Attachment for Avant Loaders


The large 500 l Avant Grain Dispenser Bucket XL attachment is designed for the larger Avant compact loaders. It is an ideal attachment for distribution of flour, grain, crushed grain and feed in granule form.

Thanks to the strong Ø210 mm hydraulic discharge screw, which can be rotated in both directions, the material can be distributed to the right or to the left side. The adjustable side hatches have a sealing guarantee that the material doesn’t fall out unintentionally. The bucket can be tilted all the way down so that loading from ground level is easy.

Two models available: with manual side hatch adjustment or with hydraulic side hatch adjustment.

Avant loaders and attachments are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno and distributed in Australia by Avant Equipment Australia

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    Quick and easy way to distribute grain, crushed grain, flour and feed in granule form
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    Material can be distributed to the left or the right side
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    Can be tilted down to ground level and filled like a normal bucket
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    Available with either manual or with hydraulic side hatch adjustment
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    Ideal for use with versatile Avant atriculated compact mini loaders

Technical Information

Volume 500 l
Bucket Width 1300 mm
Total width with rubber guide flaps 1650 mm
Height 960 mm
Length 940 mm
Weight 250 kg
Product no. manual side hatches A435290
Product no. hydraulic side hatches A439905

Compatible Models

225 423 523 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6
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