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With the Avant Leaf Blower attachment, and the Avant mini loader, you can easily and quickly move large amounts of leaves from lawns, yards, driveways and sidewalks. The hydraulic motor powered blower is very efficient, with a large tiltable nozzle that blows the leaves away from a large area.

The electric rotation on the Avant leaf blower allows airflow to be pointed exactly to desired area. The rotation angle is 90° to the left and 145° to the right from the straight forward pointing direction – 235° altogether. Vertical adjustment of the nozzle is manual as standard and stepless electric adjustment is available as an option.

With over 200 hundred attachments available you only need one loader for all your jobs, the Avant mini loader. Avant loaders and attachments are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno.

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    Efficient hydraulic motor powered leaf blower
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    Electric 235° rotation as standard
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    Manual nozzle adjustment as standard – electric adjustment available as an option



Length 560 mm
Width 682 mm
Height 406 mm
Nozzle width 218 mm
Rotation angle 235°
Weight 85 kg
Product no. A442927


Electric nozzle adjustment A430172

The optional Opticontrol® attachment control switch pack is recommended on the Avant mini loader, for operating the electric rotation of the leaf blower.

If the blower is equipped with the optional electric tilt of nozzle, Opticontrol® is required on the Avant mini loader.

Compatible Models

225 423 523 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6
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