The Avant Push Broom attachment, for the Avant loader, is a handy and inexpensive broom for cleaning of smaller areas. With no rotating parts it simply pushes the material in front of the broom.

The Avant Push Broom attachment can also be used when installing paving. By pushing the filler sand sideways across the paving stones the sand will fall nicely between the stones.

It is also ideal for arborist jobs: sweeping branches, leaves etc. wood waste on the work site.

The Avant Push Broom attachments features strong bristless and consists of individual brush strips installed in five rows, which means they can be easily replaced. Removing the brush strip in the middle there is more room for lighter but larger material to be swept away.

Available as an option are short side brushes which mount on each end of the broom. They give the push broom the ”U” shape which means that debris cannot escape to the side.

There are several ways to attach the push broom on the Avant mini loader. The standard way is to mount it on the attachment coupling plate of the mini loader. It is also possible to grab the broom with the demolition grapple bucket, by first removing the standard mounting frame on the broom.

In addition, there are adapters available which allow grabbing the broom with a silage fork and an XL silage grab, or with timber grabs
with a rotator (A37456 and A37457). This makes working faster: for shorter sweeping jobs it is not necessary to take off the silage fork or timber grab from the loader.

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    Economical and simple broom – consists of brush strips mounted in five rows for easy replacement
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    No rotating parts - less dust when sweeping
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    Ideal for horse stables, farming, landscaping, tree lopping and other small scale brushing
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    Side brushes and adapters for silage forks and timber grabs with rotator available as an option



Width Weight Product no
1200 mm 53 kg A449770
1500 mm 60 kg A437121
2000 mm 72 kg A447153



Avant Push Broom for Avant Articulated Mini Loader with side brushes

Side brushes A447166

Avant Push Broom on Root Grapple Attachment for Avant Articulated Mini loader

Adapter for Root Grapple

Avant PUSH BROOM with adapter on silage fork attachment on Avant Articulated Mini Loader

Adapter for silage forks A447080

Avant Push Broom with adapter on timber grab for Avant Articulated Mini Loader

Adapter for timber grab with rotator A449113

Compatible Models

225 423 523 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6
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