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Landscaping Seeding Machine

The Avant Seeding Machine attachment for Avant mini loaders, is a professional mechanical surface seeding unit for accurately seeding lawns, various kinds of flower meadows, and pastures.

The rotating feeding roller with 12 nozzles provides accurate and reliable seed sowing, and the seed amount adjustment range is very wide, approx. 50 – 3000 g/100 m2. It is advisable to do a seeding test before starting operation, to make sure that a right amount of seed is released on the ground. The seeding machine is equipped with 4.00-8 tractor profile tyres and a manual support leg.

A optional rear harrow and rear field roller are available, for finishing and compacting the surface. The seeding machine can be mounted either on the attachment coupling plate of the mini loader – in this case seeding happens by reversing with the loader – or it can be towed by mounting the optional Avant Drawbar A37481 on the unit. For this option the loader must be equipped with the trailer ball hitch.

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    Efficient and professional attachment for seeding of lawns, meadows, pastures etc.
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    Precise and widely adjustable seed feeding through 12 nozzles
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    Seeding test can be performed before starting operation
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    Can be mounted on the attachment coupling plate of the loader or towed


Working width 1500 mm
Total Width
1890 mm
Length 890 mm
1070 mm
Seed Box Volume 45l
Seed amount adjustment approx. 50 – 3000 g/100 m2
Weight 135 kg
Product No


Rear harrow A450437
Rear field roller A450438
Drawbar A37481

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