Avant Stone Grab for Lifting Stones with Avant Mini Loader

Landscaping Stone Grab

The Avant Stone Grab, equipped with a rotator, allows grabbing, transporting and loading of different types of stones both lengthwise and
crosswise with an Avant mini loader. This makes it possible to access narrow spaces with long kerb stones and enables loading in any direction. The grab is available either with a hydraulic rotator or as a freely rotating version.

The stone grabbers grab the stone by pressing it. The stone grabbers come with a lock valve which prevents unintentional opening of the grab. Padded stone grabbers are available as an option.

If the loader is equipped with the 6 or 8 function joystick, all functions of the grab with hydraulic rotator (grab opening/closing, rotation) can
be operated with the switches on the optional Opticontrol switch pack.

With over 200 hundred attachments available you only need one loader for all your jobs, the Avant mini loader. Avant loaders and attachments are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno.

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    2 options available - with hydraulic rotator or freely rotating version
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    Can be equipped with padded stone grabbers
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    Ideal for use with Avant compact articulated mini loader for landscaping and building

Technical Information

Rotation Type Freely
Grapple opening diameter 1223 mm 1223 mm
Weight 116 kg 136 kg
Product no A37457 A37456

The optional Opticontrol is recommended with grab with hydraulic rotator, for operating the grab opening/closing and rotation (requires also 6 or 8 function joystick on the loader).


Lock valve, mounting kit, on grab cylinder A436627
Padded stone grabbers (kit includes lock valve) A429742

Compatible Models

225 423 523 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6
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