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GROUNDCARE Versatach Lawn Aerator

The Versatach Lawn Aerator attachment is designed to aerate the ground to improve lawn health by reducing soil compaction and improving the uptake of water and nutrients. It is an ideal attachment for large garden and sports field maintenance.

The lawn aerator penetrates the ground and pulls out plugs of grass and soil leaving holes that enable oxygen, water and any fertilizer to wash into the holes and reach the grass roots.

The penetration depth can be easily controlled with two guide wheels on the side. When the lawn aerator attachment is not being used it can be stored on mechanical support legs that lift the blades off the ground.

Designed for use with an Avant articulated mini loader.

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    Improve lawn health
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    Reduce soil compaction
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    Suitable for heavy soil and clay
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    Designed for use with Avant articulated mini loaders
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    Available in 1,200mm and 1,500mm models

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