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Avant Tecno moves ahead with electric compact loaders

May 5, 2020

Avant Tecno moves ahead with electric compact loaders

Avant Tecno introduced their first battery powered loader, the Avant e5, at the bauma 2016 trade show. Since then the electric loader range has been completed by the first lithium-ion battery powered compact loader on the market, the Avant e6. It features state-of-the-art battery technology which Avant has developed together with the Finnish car manufacturer Valmet Automotive who has extensive experience in design and manufacturing of battery systems for different types of vehicles.  Both Avant e5 and e6 have been in production for some time now and the demand for battery powered electric loaders is increasing steadily.

Avant e6 compact loader is equipped with a 13,8 kWh/288 Ah/48 V lithium-ion battery. It runs two electric motors: one for transmission and one for loader boom movements, steering and auxiliary hydraulics. This gives a max. drive speed of 10 km/h and a hydraulic oil flow of max. 30 l/min to attachments.  The e6 is equipped with a built-in battery 230V/16A battery charger which allows charging from normal wall socket. In addition, two rapid charging stations are available: 400V/16A and 400V/32A which enable fast charging of the lithium-ion battery, from 20 to 80 % charge in just 30 minutes.

Better performance with lithium-ion technology

Lead-acid battery powered machinery has been on the market for a long time now. This technology is still much more common than lithium-ion batteries, and simpler to produce. Lithium battery however offers significantly better performance. The lithium-ion technology is developing fast and gives a lot of possibilities for more versatile and efficient use of construction machinery.

In light duty work the performance of a lithium battery is around 30 % better compared with lead-acid battery. In hard work the operating time can be as much as three times longer. The lithium-ion battery can also be charged in a considerably shorter time with the rapid charger, which allows recharging during e.g. lunch break. This is useful for instance in construction and demolition jobs which require longer continuous driving cycles.

The lithium battery is also lighter than a lead-acid battery, which makes it possible to adjust the own weight of the loader following the requirements of the job, by using extra counterweights if necessary. The ground pressure of a lightweight machine is lower – a useful feature on construction and demolition sites with limited loading capacity inside the buildings and on the roof.

Operating costs of a battery powered loader are very low in comparison with similar size combustion engine loader.

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