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Beekeeping, Material Handling Side-Shift Flip-Up Pallet Forks

The Side-Shift Flip-Up Pallet Forks attachment, for Avant compact loaders, has been designed for beekeepers and other customers who not only need to transport their mini loader and attachments with ease, but who also load pallets and beehives onto trucks.

The hydraulic fork adjustment on the pallet fork makes it possible to move pallets left and right for ideal positioning of cargo on a truck. It  allows loading from one side. All functions can be operated from the driver’s seat. The pallet fork is equipped as standard. The foldable back frame enables handling of larger loads and protects the driver from falling objects.


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    1.2 tonne rating
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    100 mm side shift left & right
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    Adds only 15 mm to overall length of the machine
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    Forks 900 mm overall width



Weight 175 kg
SWL 1200 kg
Product No. 306110

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